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Want to go to Adelaide

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Hi All,

I’m fairly new on the forum, but I think I’m catching the drift. I’ve been soooo serious about our situation, stressing all over the place :blush: . . . see? Kids are 11(Grade 5) & 12 (Grades 6) and I hoped that they could start school in Aus, Jan 2008. (wishful thinking?)

April: Appointed an agent / Started all documentation, police clearance incl.

May: AIM application & approval

July: IELTS (Hubby – Main Applicant)

Aug: Applied for South Australian Sponsorship (SIR Visa) and approval

Sep: Applied for 475 (old 495) Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa

Oct: Medicals

Hubby currently on a quick visit to Aus – took a chance on jobsearching - they want to see the visa first.

3 of the million questions:

1. What do the smart people say, should the family go over on this Temp visa before hubby has secured a job?

2. Is it true that as soon as he has secured a job, we are allowed to apply for PR. I thought we had to wait 2 years.

3. Anyone currently in Adelaide on this visa, or who has also applied for this one?

I’m also doing IELTS on Saturday. Not for the visa, but apparently it is advisable to add it to my CV(music teacher).

Please think of me, my past-40 brain is suddenly getting stuck. In the most important situations the Afrikaanse woord pop in my dom kop en dan kan ek net nie die Engelse een tussen die mothballs vind nie. And we want to immigrate to English territory ? Anyone know how to install a spelling checker between two mothballs?

Hubby txt me today while sitting on a rock at Glenelg beach. Oh, how I wish all of the waiting is over.

Thanks for a great forum.


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Sterkte vir jou - moet nie moed verloor nie, op die ou einde werk alles ten goede uit! Voor jy jou oë uitvee is jul almal by jou man in Australië. Sterkte met die IELTS - laat weet hoe dit was!


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Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight

DIT is wat mens moet hoor. Baie dankie. Ons byt vas.


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Ah another one doing the regional sponsorship route to Adelaide. Great to know I have some support. Cannot answer your questions regarding PR for definate (PT labs or Fiona would be the best ones to ask). Enjoy the wait!! Hope your husband comes back with lots of photos to share - helps one to get a feel for the place.

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