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Must say from the replies and help one gets on this forum, I can just imagine that emmigrating can't be that bad!!! I would like to know if you can perhaps help my darling husband and myself settling a dispute....

Here's the options (suggestion actually came from me to start with). When all the paperwork's in order, and he finished his degree (end next year), :

1. he applies for a job from S.A. and walks into a job and while there scouts for accomodation and after, say 3 months we join him (don't want him to have unnecesary *spelling, sorry* stress helping with 2 toddlers 16months apart - at least here, I've got support system = mother)

2. we wait for permanent visa and whole family pickles over in 2yrs after he gets his degree - i.e. 2010 or 2011

3. he goes over (this is his suggestion), scouts for which part of Oz we'd like best (at moment it's between Perth and Adalaide for us) and then he applies for a job and then he scouts for accomodation and only THEN we come over...... my concern is that this might take up to a year and by then kids might be calling the gardener (Sipho) ..."dad"

Take note, that I wouldn't mind going over and staying in flat first, etc, etc. I just don't want to put unnecesary strain on him, cause with 2 toddler boys, it might cause us to want to do certain things faster than other, maybe more important things.

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My advise,

Stay together!!

Immigration is a huge emotional thing and we need each other in more ways than one!!

There are many employers for those on a 457 that will help with accomodation and a vehicle for the first two weeks to a month. That gives you time to get a place to stay etc.

We did the apply for PR off shore (while in SA) and then got a job on a 457, came to Oz settled and then the PR came thru 8 months later.

1. Husbands helped make the children they can help share the stresses of having them.

2. Could be an option if you want to stay/wait that long. The kiddies will also be a bit bigger and maybe easier to relocate.

3. I don't think it's THAT neccessary to scout for where to live in person. We didn't and are content to be where we are at the moment. Once you are here nothing keeps you from relocating if you dont' like the area.

So that's what I think. However you will have to do what suits you!!!



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I agree with Nilo - it is a huge thing and it may be that your husband will not be able to make it on his own. Do it together - it is horrid doing it on your own. My father emigrated to South Africa and it was 18 months before we joined him - it was dreadful and a huge stress on my mother - despite her having family around. All the selling up and getting sorted was her responsibility - I was 12 and my brother 4 - so dont do that to your family. Your children will have a problem re uniting with their dad so I would suggest that you explore it all together and the journey is meaningful to both of you. Otherwise there comes a time when one says to the other - well I did that and you were nowhere to be seen. It isnt worth it - truly. Hey - the strain is easier when there are two of you.

Suggest he looks for jobs in SA and gets the visa sorted and then you all come together.

Ha ve a great day.


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I would also say, if you can - do it together. I've not yet got a family, but my now wife and I had an 18 month long distance relationship between London and South Africa, seeing each other every 4 months or so, and it's not easy. I woud hate to imagine how we would have done it if we had kids too!

At least if you're together, you may struggle at first, but you can struggle together.

Good luck!

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What we did was

1. Decided on a city

2.pack and sent the container over

3.My wife and son moved in with her brother

4. I came to Australia, and found a place to stay, got all paperwork sorted, opened bank account etc etc.

5. Container arrived, I unpacked it set the house up During this time I was obviously also looking for a job, got a job as a sandwich hand very quickly so I was earning Aussie Dollard not a dream job or Salary but survival mode.

6. Wife and son (8 month old arrived

7. Moved the furniture around to my wifes wishes ......... :whome:

This really worked out well as when I first arrived I was able to stay with a friend - easy for one person diffcult for family, I was able to come and go attend interviews find house etc without having to worry about wife and kid, who were in turn able to spend quality time with her family we were apart for about 3 weeks. and the move was totally stress free.

Good luck


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Definitely stick together...

But why not apply for a job from there, get a 457 (takes about 2 to 3 months) and head out here as a family and then convert it to PR when you get here (another 2 months if all the paperwork is in order)

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Do it together! You need to be there to support one another during the ups and downs, which is going to happen. .........and to not see your children............ have you ever done this before? Reason I ask is we did it for 2 weeks on an overseas holiday last year and said we could never do it again. Your husband would miss them and yourself far more than is imaginable!


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My hubby got offered a 457 and had to be in Aus within a month. We sold our house the next day and packed our container 3 weeks later. I moved in with the folks and hubby flew to Aus stayed with distant relatives and started looking for a house, started job, looked at schools etc. I worked a extra month in SA it helped to have 2 salaries for a month longer and tied up tax, house issues etc. I joined hubby a month later and my hubby had found a house narrowed the schools down to 3 and bought a car. I am sad that we couldn't do the whole thing together but financially it would have been hard to find a hotel etc for all of us. Also if we had come together hubby would have worked from day 1 I would have been alone with the kids and no car and not knowing where I was 5 days a week.

For the boys it was great they had a house to call home from the start and they started at school a week after we arrived.

Everyone needs to weigh up their own situation, financially, accommodation wise, age of kids etc.

I hope you figure things out. Don't stress the small things, all will work out.

Good Luck

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die colling gesin,

I totally agree with the rest. Stick together, I think sharing the adventage will be beneficial for the both of you. We are going for the whole lot (PR visa) selling all and moving together.



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That is how we plan to do it aswell. While I go over to setup shop, my wife and kids will be visiting family and spend some time with the grandparents.

Obviously we are not talking months here, but weeks. I don't think splitiing up for months will be a good thing, for reasons others have mentioned.

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