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Oracle Jobs

Ian & Belinda

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I see that Oracle professionals is on the skilled list as well.

Anyone here in the Oracle field?

I would like to know if there is a big requirement for Oracle DBA's(prod and dev) in Aus.

Would it be easy to find employment in this field?

I currently have 7 years expiereince and working in a senior dba role at a major bank.


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Hi Ian

My husband is an Oracle programmer, and from what he's seen there is plenty of work around for Oracle DBAs - certainly in Brisbane. Have a look at www.seek.com.au and www.careerone.com.au for possible opportunities. If you want to chat with him about it, PM 'Martyn'

Good luck!

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Well, I'm an Oracle DBA/ developer too! I have in total 11 years experience. Telecoms and Financial..

Last year my hubby and I went on a LSD to Brisbane & Gold Coast. In that time I went for 2 interviews to test the waters. They told me within 24 hours if I had the job or not, I got both jobs! However I had come back to South Africa to resign, work in my 30 days notice period, etc.. then fell pregnant and we now have a WONDERFUL Daughter, so have since gone the long PR route! instead of the work visa ...

So I don't think finding work is a problem, but its easier when you there !!! Agencies and companies are reluctant to sponsor or reply over the internet to international candidates. They told me from their experience people get cold feet after everything is done, some all expense paid too.. if we could be so lucky..

Good Luck :whome:

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