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So many job offers, so few sponsors.


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Hi all

Would like to raise the question concerning so many job offers, but so few 457 sponsors.

Almost all of the applications online request that the applicant must be living in Oz,but how do we apply from over here in SA? The current state of approval for PR can take from 9 months to 2 years in which time we loose a lot of time in getting to Oz and settling in. As it is we are still awaiting response for our application for 457 which was put on hold in 2006 due to descrepency between DIMIA and our then Sponsor.

Any info would be appreciated


Jacques and Nita

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A lot of it depends on the job you are applying for and your qualifications,

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Hi Wannabee

You guys have had a lot of experience in the "waiting game" and I am sure you have done lots of research allready. Now my take on things are ...........

1. Get the PR going i.e. paperwork etc etc etc

2. Once submitted start searching for work on a Temp Visa, remember to take into account the time frame of your PR as you don't want the Temp to nul and void the PR

3. Apply for any suitable job, even if they say you have to be resident in Aus.

We got work on a temp visa 8 months before our PR was granted and it was a Godsend!

Good luck


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