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Hi guys

Can anyone tell me if there are many flies in Adelaide itself?



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No, not at all compared to some of the more humid regions. However, if you venture out into the country regions o fSouth Australia, especially those with farm animals around, you will find a lot of flies in summer, anywhere in Australia. You soon get used to the "Aussie wave"! ;) The first week we were in Australia, January 2006, there was a lot of flies on certain beaches in Adelaide (Glenelg springs to mind), but this last summer there were hardly any at all. Th problem is not with the number of flies, but the fact that those that are around, are the most annoying, pathetic little things that fly lazily around, trying to land in your eyes or nose (for moisture) and don't really respond to waving or slapping. They just lift off about 2 mm, then land again - grrrr! :ilikeit: It's really hard to get them away from you. We use aerogard when we go out into more rural areas in summer and it seems to work very well.

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