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The Sting


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This sting felt like a drink, so off to the bar he went!

Got there and went in, sat on a barstool and called the barman over.

"hi, could I have a beer please?"

The barman looked him up and down,

"we don't serve strings here!!"

The string was soooo angry he jumped up and stormed out of the bar!!

Walking down the road he worked himself up so much he tied himself into a knot.

This made him even more angry so he rubbed and rubbed and rubbed against a wall,

to try and get the knot out!

He rubbed so much that he frayed himself!!

Now this knot was very very angry and decided he would go back to the bar and DEMAND a drink!

Back to the bar he went in and said, "GIVE me a Drink!!!"

The barman looked at him and said " ait you the string that was in here a while ago?"

The string looked at him ........ and replied " I'M AFFRAID NOT" :holy::thumbdown:

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Hi Nilo,

Ek het jou grappie die 14de Sept gelees. :holy: ...mooi daaroor gedink en hom nou eers gevang! Se jou mos hoe dom ek is. ;)

Ha ha ha ,dis baie snaaks. ;)

(ek joke net, ek sien dit nou eers) :whome:



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