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Op Sondag die 23ste September reis ons met 'n lekker luukse bus canberra toe na die blomme skou. Die skool waarin my dogter is reel die hele trippie. 7 uur tel die bus ons op en ons kom eers half 8 die aand terug. Enige ander s'afers wat daar dalk gaan wees? Ek laat weet julle hoe dit was. Sien vreeslik uit daarna.

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Our trip to Canberra was great. I think I fell in love with Canbera !! What an absolutely amazing place. We spent the morning at the flower show. The flower show runs for a month. We did not know where to look and when, just so many beautiful amazing things to see and look at. We left at about 1 for the market but passed the big lake where the people get together with their little sailing boats what a pitcure "prentjie mooi" . The market is an old bus depot that now runs the market. The market reminded me of the South African markets and did not really impress me or I should rather say I did not see anything that you could not find at the South African markets. It was a great day. Going to look for a job for my hubby in Canberra.......

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Last week Monday, we had to go to the SA Embassy in Canberra for Passports, both our's had expired and it was pure lazyness to see to them before, but we needed to lodge papers with Australian imm. department. Can't believe it will take 6 months. Anyways it is a lovely Cape Dutch building to beautiful for words with heaps of african things inside. Very helpful.

Afterwards we spent a few hours at the flower show, tulips of all discriptions,Daiffies and Jonquils with pansy planted amongst them, flower arrangement, stalls selling lavender things, fudge, honey's even honey tea, plants etc. Had lunch with a sea of tulips for a view. This show' Floriade" is something I wanted to see for ages but never got around to doing.

Can't say I would like to live in Canberra, but it's good for a weekend. on the way back to Sydney you pass a huge lake, but it was empty, they say the water disappears and then comes back, a bit spooky. We stopped off for some wine tasting DD bought some dessert wine, wonder when we going to taste that mmmmm and some blackforest cake to go with it. :ilikeit:

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