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Ghost Story from the Cape Flats


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A man is hitchiking in the middle of a terrible winter storm that is sweeping across the Cape Flats. Howling wind and driving rain have left him cold, wet and tired. He is just about to give up when out of the mist a car slowly approaches with no lights. It stops in front of him and he jumps in. It's only when the car pulls off he realises there is no driver!

After a bit, a bend appears in the road and he utters his final prayers before the car goes through the barrier. Suddenly an arm comes through the open window and steers the car safely around the bend. The car eventually comes to a halt and he jumps out and runs to a tavern he sees by the road.

Halfway through his brandy, two men appear in the door of the pub and point at him, "Hey, that's the bliksem that junped into our car while we were pushing...!"

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