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20 ft container

Die Krugers

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Hi Everyone

Did anyone move to Adelaide from Cape Town using a 20ft container? What did it cost you, from home to home, including moving from home in CT to ship, shipment, and moving to house in Adelaide, including packing costs?

I hope someone can help - I've read of so many quotes so far, from R25 000 to R50 000, but I couldn't find any quotes yet for the move to Adelaide from CT. :ilikeit:

Thank you so much!!


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Hi Tania

Sorry can't help you with Adelaide, but our quote from Mpumalanga (Secunda) to Brisbane is between R38 060.00 (Frazers) to about R45 000.00.

Just remember, that you can try and negotiate a price, especially with Frazers (4 wings) quite flexible.


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Hi There

In case someone is interested, I phoned two removals companies, and their quotes were in the region of R37 000, excluding insurance. For us, including insurance, it would be around R50 000 in total.

Have a great day!


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