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Hello everybody

De Vosse

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Hallo everybody, we are also new on this forum and also made the decision to move to OZ.

We're from Blue Bulls country, Pretoria and are in the beginning stage of this relocation process, already appointed a immigration agent in Perth, we need to go over on the 457 visa and firstly have my skills assesed by ACS and hopefully find a employee willing to sponsor us.

Also a big thank you to everybody for their advice, support and making one feel welcome. :whome:

Willem & Sarita

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Welkom Sarita en Willem.Hoop jul gaan sommer welkom voel op die forum :whome: One big happy family :ilikeit:Jul gaan sommer baie tjome maak op die forum. Dis n groot besluit maar is die moeite werd aan die einde van die dag.Ons is 11 maande in Perth en dis n baie nice plek :lol: Hoop jul kry al jul antwoorde wat jul soek en sterkte met jul pad vorentoe wat jul moet loop en bly net positief.

Groete Ursula en Albert.

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Welkom julle!!

You will find this forum wonderfully informative and supportive! I have to log on daily - almost obsessive compulsive!

Good luck with the process and I hope it will be plain sailing for you!


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As you are probably aware, this is the most helpful forum ever!

Need any questions answer, someone will be able to help.

good luck


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Hi Willem & Serita

Welcome to the forum and enjoy all the discussion`s.Amazing help.

WP still RULE`S(Something I think)



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Hallo Willem & Serita

Welcome to the forum, if youv'e got any questions, here you will get the answers.

Good luck with everything.

Robert & Telanie

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