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Renier & Ursula

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Good day all

If anyone knows of a hospital or simular institution, were I could apply as Chef It would be appreciated if you could send me the name of hospital and maybe the address.

Preferably in WA

Does anyone perhaps know if Oz work on the same baisis as Sa with regard to Hospital catering (in SA they work on contracring an spezialised catering company to this)


Renier (Sous Chef)

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Qantas Catering

Qantas Catering is the largest flight caterer in the southern hemisphere, providing superior service and quality to a broad base of airline and non-airline customers.

We are the caterer of choice for the majority of airlines operating to Australia. We also provide catering services for a variety of non airline organisations such as schools, rail services and hospitals.


Qantas Catering have offices nationwide with the head office located in Sydney.

For information about how Qantas Catering can assist you, contact Ian Viney or Sharon Meaker at:

Qantas Catering Corporate Head Office

QCE7, 197 - 201 Coward Street


NSW 2020

Phone: (02) 9691 0880

Fax: (02) 9691 0784

Email: cateringinfo@qantas.com



Mark Wade

Centre General Manager

Affleck Road

Newburn, WA 6104

Telephone: 08 9477 8131

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