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Hi all, we have booked and paid our tickets with IOM last week, but since then we are unable to get hold of them. The phone keeps on ringing. Is anybody having the same problems? Thanks.

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I have not phoned IOM lately but did book, pay and receive our tickets about 3 weeks ago. Have you tried contacting Deeksha by e-mail. (Adress: dbhoola@iom.int )


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I have emailed Deeksha on her address and the companies address with no reply. One of the phone numbers still rings with no reply the other one has been disconnected or is permanently engaged.

I know they have moved offices but its still stressing me out a bit.

Regional Office for Southern Africa

Pretoria, South Africa

Tel: +27 12 342-2789

Fax: +27 12 342-0932

E-mail: mrfpretoria@iom.int

Postal Address: P.O. Box 55391, Arcadia 0007, South Africa

IOM Staff in Regional Office

Name Designation

Hans-Petter Boe Regional Representative

Duc Tran Senior Administrative Support Officer

Liselott Joensson Programme Development Officer

Barbara Rijks Programme Officer - HIV/AIDS

Mariam Khokhar Programme Officer - Irregular Migration

Maciej Pieczkowski Senior Operations Assistant - Counter Trafficking

Naomi Moutloatse Movement Services Supervisor

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Hi All, they have moved offices, but are up and running again with the same contact details. Thanks for your replies,

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Gee, great news!

Went scratching through all my immigration documents anyway, and managed to find their, IOM, Canberra, Australia e-mail address, maybe for future use, in case something like this happens again.


So we'll still see you on the 5th Duane.

Hoping you have better luck sorting out your SARS clearance certificate, ours is an absolute nightmare.

MIN DAE, (25 but whose counting.....)


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