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Hoe is OZ se mense?


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Hi mense,

Hoe vergelyk OZ se mense met ons Suid-Afrikaners? ek was 'n ruk in Italië en ek moet sê ons Suid-Afrikaners is die gasvryste mense wat in die hele Europa teë gekom het. Aanvanklik het ek 'n taal-probleem gehad want alhoewel almal my verseker het dat die groot stede Engels praat, was dit definitief NIE DIE GEVAL NIE!!! :blink: nadat ek die taal gewoond geraak het, het ek gesien dat die mense daar nie veel moeite doen om jou tuis te laat voel nie en na 2 maande se doodhuil het ek besluit ek gaan nou uit en gaan maak 'n klomp vriende. Op die ou end het ek 'n paar pelle gehad van Engeland en OZ. Die mense van Italie was nie nors of iets nie maar hulle was definitief nie soos die Suid-Afrikaners wat 'n vreemdeling dadelik intrek bv deur 'n kerkgenootskap, ens .

Nou my vraag: hoe vergelyk die mense van OZ met ons wat gasvryheid betref?


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Hi Rochelle

My kinders is in Sydney vanaf 22 Junie. Hulle vind almal baie vriendelik, behulpsaam oral. Hulle was baie gehelp met allerhande artikels terwyl hulle vir hulle meubels gewag het. Hulle tienerseuns se dit voel vir hulle of hulle hier woon maar sonder oupa, ouma, vriende en familie. Ek dink elke plek is maar wat mens daarvan maak. Ek dink mense van Europa kan soms baie nors voorkom. Kon nog nooit vir myself uitmaak of hulle so is en of hulle net nie daarvan hou as mens te vriendelik raak nie.

Mens moet seker ook onthou dat mens uit jou vrye wil daarheen gaan net soos mense wat SA toe kom. Ek dink dit moet vir almal 'n kultuurskok wees as hulle SA toe kom. Sal Desember vir myself gaan sien.



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Well my story goes like this: (Warning quite a long one!)

Since my 6 month anniversary here in New Zealand I've been dreaming of going on Holiday in Brisbane. Finally thanks to some inheretance money we were able to book our flights, accomodation and some rugby tickets to the Bokke Vs Aus @ Suncorp (Yes, it was THAT game :blush: )

Anywho we arrive and the passport control lady asks us why we are there and we tell her to watch the rugby. Immediately we are surrounded by 3 Aussie immigration guys telling us we are going to lose. We give them grief back and it was all smiles all round. +1 for the Aussies

We spend our first day on the Gold Coast doing the WB movieworld thing and totally found the young people to be friendly and well behaved. Even the McD workers (who would have thought that!) +1 Aussies

Fast forward to the game :blink:

We arrive at a packed Suncorp. Everywhere we look there's golden jerseys. Our seats were in the upper left hand corner by the corner flag. We are literally surrounded by Aussies (except for the 2 ligthies sitting behind us). Immediately the area errupts with friendly banter.

Half time whistle blows and we get up to go have a smoke. The crowd didn't like that and everyone was telling us not to leave that the game would get better for us. We informed them we were only going out for a smoke and they made us promise to come back. When we did we were applauded :blink:

At about 3/4 into the game the people sitting around us started cheering for the Bokke to make us feel better. Full time everyone came over to us and consoled us.

It was at that point I decided Brisbane is where I want to live. I'm currently going through the motions to make it happen!

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