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Hopefully on our way to Cairns


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Hi there

We are busy wth our visa applications ( subclass 119 / 857 ) and are hoping to be moving over to Cairns in January 2008.

We have 3 kids and are waiting for them to finish the school year. My eldest is in matric and is the Head Girl of her school.

We currently live in Gonubie and absolutely love it here. We have always joked that we live in ' paradise ' but unfortunately the crime levels in SA spoil the picture a bit.

We have so many questions that we need answered. All we know is that we want to go ...... and so we are going.

We discoverd this site while browsing on the Internet a few weeks ago, and I have really enjoyed reading all the posts and picking up as much info as i can.

I would love to hear from people who are applying for the same visa, and from anyone who knows anything about Cairns.

Thank you.

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Hi Shelly

Fristly Welcome to our Forum! I am sure this forum will be of great support for all your questions.

We are in Cairns.

Please drop me an email on dedrei [at] saaustralia [dot] org and I'll give you heaps of info.



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Howzit Shelly

I'm also in Cairns at the moment and these darned itchy feet of mine are flaring up again so I'm off on another trip. Will be back in Gonubie for xmas, gonna be catching up on enough sundowners on Gonubie beach and the deck at the hotel to last me till I visit there next century!

So if you wanna chat, then send me an email on mickfromsa[at] hotmail [dot] com and you and your crew can listen to tails of crocodiles, the Wet, and how to leave your car unlocked and still find it there when you come back - guffaw... jussie I am going to have to wake up when I get back or they will slick me out beeeg time...



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