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Johnny se plan


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Johnny was placed in a mental institution. It has been 2 months already.

The institution decided to buy another location to accommodate more of

their patients as it was overcrowded by then, so the institution

management decided that they have to take the patients to the new

institution by plane because it's much quicker, so they took all the

patients to plane together along with Johnny of course.

So while in the flight the (Mental) patients were very excited by now

singing and dancing in plane and the sounds were disturbing, when one of

the nurses sent Johnny to keep them quiet at the back. :)

Johnny went and after a few minutes came back smiling and it was all

quiet at the back. The nurses wondered what Johnny had done to keep them

quiet, so they asked Johnny what had he done to keep them quiet?

Johnny said with a smile in his face "I TOLD THEM TO GO PLAY OUTSIDE." <_<

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PML! :)<_<

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Is die pasiente nie dalk die Bloubul ondersteuners nie????

is seker nadat hulle daai stupid song kliphard begin speel het, toe wys hy vir hulle die deur! :angry:

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