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SMEG Dishwasher


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right, I need some help please, the apartment I'm renting has a SMEG Dishwasher but I'm not too sure how it works (never used one myself). So any help will be appreciated.

On the lefthandside are 4 pushbuttons indicated by these:

I assume the first two are to set the water temperature and the last button is the Power On/Off. But what is the >> for?

And then on the righthandside there is a turning knob, numbered from 1 to 4, with these indicators above it:

Are these the various washing cycles? Should I set the turning knob on nr. 1 when I start the machine?


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Good to hear you got your own Unit. Hubby suggests you have a look at http://www.smeguk.com/Catalogue/DishWashers.aspx

Choose the type Built-in, Free standing, Horizontal click go

Click on the picture of the model you have and inside the picture you will see an instuction manuel.

Hope this helps

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When we moved into our rented property, we had an oven with so many settings (all symbols - no words), I did not know how it worked! So I logged onto the manufacturers website, told them about my dilemma and they mailed me the manual for that particular model - no charge! :whome: Maybe worth a try....

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