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Working For United Group

Alec and Fransie

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I Would Like To Know How It Is, To Stay And Work In Mackay, To work

For United Group. Going For Interview On Thursday.

Maybe We Will Join You Soon.

Alec and Fransie

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Hi Alec en Fransie

About the United Group I know nothing, but I have been in Mackay for more than two years so I will give you my opinion about the place.

Mackay is also going throw a period of boom because of the mines and housing prices are just rediculous at the moment. The average rental depending if you have kids is $350. It would be good if you could get them to put you in some sort of accommodation for the first month. reason being that you will need that time to look for a rental property.

Unlike NSW if you send you kids to a public school it is free, verniet en gratis. Ther are good private schools if you prefer that option. Lots of sporting activities for kids. Other than that you don't have te recreational activities you would in bigger cities.

We have the beaches, but unfortunate we have the stingers and certain times of the year we are not alloewd to swim. We are getting a new Aquatic Facility which will be the highlight of the next year.

Fruit and veg is quite expensive, but we all visit the local market( can't get myself to pay $8/kg for broccholli :thumbdown).The prices of things in general has gone up quite a bit since we have arrived here.

I you need to know anything more specific PM me and I will try and be of assistance. :ilikeit:

How can I forget the best of all humidity, humidity, humidity.... need I say more .

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