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Opportunities-Get Your job in Australia


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Hi everyobdy

I found this interesting and I thought I'd share it with other South Africans.


So, you've been thinking about moving Down Under. The Opportunities Australia Expo could make your dream come true! Every year thousands of people visit the expo and are offered jobs that enable them to start living a new life in Australia.

Visit the Opportunities Australia Expo - now in its 7th successful year.

Johannesburg: 15-16 September 2007 *New Expo*

Manchester: 27-28 October 2007

London: 3-4 November 2007

Meet face-to-face with Australia's top employers and recruitment agents from a wide range of industry sectors

Speak to The Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Meet with estate agents who can help you find your dream home

Set up a bank account and find out about exchanging your money and transferring your pension

Meet with relocation agents who can help move your possessions and pets to your new home

Join hundreds of other migrants looking for a new life in Australia

Pre-register and book tickets on our new website

It's easy to book tickets on our new website, and you won't have to worry about bringing cash on the day. You can also pre-register to find out which companies will be exhibiting at the expo, what jobs will be available, and to receive updates about migrating to Australia.

The Australian Government places a strong focus on migrants finding skilled work in Australia before they arrive, so come along to our Opportunities Australia Expo this year and get your job!

Change your life - see you there!

Shiloh Taylor-Sallis

Event Coordinator


Check out footage of the expo in action on our new website!

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If you're an engineer...wow...you got choices and more choices. It's funny that there are so few IT postings under the jobs which are going to be at the expo.

Doesn't matter, I'm going.

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