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Recruiting NZ jobs in SA


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For those that don't receive the Brokkies newsletter, here is an ad that was placed there this week :

Recruiting in SA

We will be recruiting in South Africa in May and will be representing a number of companies for positions in New Zealand. The main goal is to attract prospective positive applicants that would like to live and work in New Zealand permanently. We will allocate times into our diary to meet immigration agents and suppliers, so please advise if you would like us to meet and talk with any of your clients, face to face or in a group situation. We will be in

Cape Town 19 to 23 May.

Durban 25 to 29 May.

Johannesburg 1 to 6 June

Due to the many applications expected the closing date for accepting CVs for roles and booking meetings will be 10 May.

Please e-mail your CV to sanz[at]crown.co.nz and in the subject title the role you are applying for in order to be invited to meet with our team. We would like to review all CVs before we arrive in South Africa.

Visit sanz[at]crown.co.nz for a full list of the various roles referred to above - too many to list here

(The website given in the advert is obviously a mistake, it seems like it should be http://www.crown.co.nz/)

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