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Now we are all here to help or get help, right?

Every person here either plans to go to Oz or are already there...

The general way a business works is simple... people, product/services, customers...

People needs computers, Hr services, doctors, hospitals, fisios, travel agents, whatever occupation.

Products are manufactured or purchased etc.

Customers buy...

Bear with me...... :ilikeit: This is all about networking B)

Now say the company you work for is not quite big enough to have its own IT department, you probably outsource. The fleet of company vehicles is either serviced in-house or an outside company does the services. What I am getting to is that everybody is in contact with all sorts of businesses, so why not refer somebody from this forum to eg. the IT company that services your computers, or the diesel mac looking for a position in the company you use to service your forklifts?

There is nothing like word of mouth, so next time you talk to the IT guy, ask him about positions available and the contact name of the HR department. :blink: Some of us may just get lucky... :thumbdown:

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Soek jy job???? (se sy tong in die kies)

Great idea I think there might be a bussiness opportunity lurking in this one. Niche market!!

Networking is great adn I believe that we can help each other in what ever way we can/are able to.

Don't have IT contacts but will gladly do the welcoming thing. And in a week or two we should be moving into a 4 bedroom house of which only 2 will be occupied so will probably be able to help even more.


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Ek het al dieselfde gewonder. Hoekom nie ?

Ek wou al vra maar was bang iemand kruisig my.

Ek sien die british expats se tot dat as hulle vir jou 'n werk kry, hulle asb 'n fooi wil he. Ek moet se ek het geen probleem daarmee nie, want of jy nou 'n agent betaal of iemand anders, op die ou end word jy tog aangestel op grond van jou vaardigdhede.

As iemand bereid is om vir ons rond te kyk en ons te help om aansoek te doen vir werk sal ons baie bly wees, en as dit redelik is - betaal vir jou tyd en moeite.



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So under the "Looking for a job" section there is a butcher looking for a job... Did anybody visit the local butcher or supermarket this weekend? So why not ask the manager if they are looking for a butcher :( That same referral may serve you the next time you visit the butcher shop, and you will make a friend for life.

Who needs a mechanic, electrician, IT guru etc... :whome: Know that is networking :o

Just an idea, use it, don't use it <_<

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