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IELTS - 175 vs 457 visas


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Hi All,

I know quite a few people who are either in the process of going or have gone across to Oz already on the 457 visa...

Hubby and I are going to be applying for the 175 visa. My question is why do we have to do the IELTS testings, and those on the 457 visa have not had to do it? Will they have to do it at a later stage?

We are in the process of getting all the paperwork ready for the Skills assessment and recognition in Australia, then, we will proceed on the 175 visa application. But, are booking for the IELTS now already, as the classes are pretty booked up...

It is quite a process, but one we are willing to work through...

Regards to all!

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ek wil net vir die se wat op visa457 oorkom, en later PR wil raak, gaan vir julle ielts toetse in Suid afrika, ons moes oor die 3 maande wag en meer as 500km ry om by n centrum uit te kom, kry dit, dan het julle dit

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