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Anyone in Bendigo?


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Hi all!

I moved to Bendigo a few months ago and am really finding it hard to just meet some friendly people and establish some kind of network. My partner is at work and I am alone at home all day long, not knowing anyone, not having anyone to talk to and it sometimes is really hard to stay positive. Am also finding it extremly hard to find the somplest of jobs!!

Know any South Africans that may be in Bendigo or anything?

Kindest regards

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Hi Bushbaby

I have sent you an email with my contact details, although not in Bendigo, I live in Sunbury, so please, do call me, perhaps we can arrange for you to pay us a visit.

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Hi Aussie Boer

I would imagine they are scarce out your way. You have to pass our door on your way to Melbourne, you would always be welcome to stop in!

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