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I am an Aus Citizen (Ex Saffer). I moved back to SA in 2021 temporarily. I am ready to go back to Oz where I will get a job again.  I want to take my  de-facto partner (South African) back to brisbane with me. We want to apply for a partner visa as soon as possible however we can’t afford the massive $8850 application fee at the moment. When I start working there again I can save up. My partner is a qualified hairdresser and should find work easily. 

Problem is that even if we could apply for the partner visa now, processing takes months to get the temporary leg. 
So we thought to get him just a tourist visa at first so we can be together. 

I (stupidly probably) included a letter with his application explaining the above - thinking that being honest about our plans to apply for the partner visa asap would be better.
After submission he got asked to get medicals and biometrics done. I thought that this was a “good sign” because I thought that they do not normally ask for this for just a tourist visa. 

Turns out I should have said nothing because the tourist visa was declined. Reasoning being that they think he will look for employment once there. 

So kinda stuck now. How can we get him there asap? I would really like for us to go together and not have to go ahead first. Any ideas? Advice? 

I also want to ask: if you submit a partner visa application (from outside aus), is your partner allowed to travel to Aus while waiting for it to be processed? And if so, would it need to be on a tourist visa? 
I cant seem to find an answer to this on their website


Any immi agents willing to advise on here? 

I need to get back and start working asap as were without income atm. 




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