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We New 2!!!!


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Hi Everyone

We have just started the loooong process 2! We are hopefully going to Oz on a skilled visa.

My husband Mark is a carpenter. We have a 2 year old little girl named Ashlee.

We went to 4-corners on the 7th March 07 and met Trevor. He was absolutely wonderful and took us through the whole process. We eagerly waiting for reference letters for the skills assesment. I can't believe how long it takes for people to type a simple letter.

We have never been to Oz but Mark's mind is already set on Perth. I'm a bit more sceptical and want to find out more about all the other city's before I make my decision.

I am so glad that I found this forum. I've already learnt so much from reading through some of the topics.



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Hi Brendia

Welcome to the forum, I am sure we will be able to offer support and guidance through this very long process :ilikeit: .

As we already live in Perth, I can highly recommend it. As a Joburg girl myself, I thought I would never cope in the most isolated city in Australia but I love it. Do some research on all the cities in Oz before you settle on one...they all have very good points so it will be a tough decision.

Good luck with the mountains of paperwork :D


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Welcome to the forum. This is your new "Virtual Home". Hope you make LOTS and LOTS of new buddies for ever!


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Welcome Brendia,

I am sure you will make many new friends here. :D

Just ask if you have any questions, the people here on the forum are amazing and give great advise.

Good luck with the paperwork!


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Welcome Brendia, may your stay be long and fruitfull.

Good luck with the skills assesment.

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