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Decided to move to Oz


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Thanks Riekie for the message!

Some info on me and my Fiance:

I was advised to join this site by my sister-in-law who's neighbour belonged to this site and who is moving to Oz. Very green on the computer/internet so please forgive me if I post upside down or something. Toby and I decided last year August to move to Oz because we are currently planning our wedding and soon after that want to start a family. I would rather try and give my kids a better life than the one we have - locked up in our homes to keep the criminals out, the education is going down hill and the crime is growing. Moving to Oz is proving to be a slow process (not because of the wait, but because Toby, my fiance, is filling out the forms and is a bit of a procrastinator). I understand that there is crime all over the world, I just don't think that it is as violent as the crime in SA.

So thanks for listening... look forward to many conversations on the site... if I can figure out how to reply.



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Hi there Anne

Welcome to the site. Hang in there 'cause you're going to get loads of info on this site. if you are in the Pta region you may wanna join us on the theof Junefor a breakfast at the Voortrekker monument. You can get details in the coffee clubs section.

Keep well.

Tomdoel :ilikeit:

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Welcome to the Forum. Good luck and I hope your process speeds up a bit.

This place is loaded with information so I am sure you will find it usefull.


Johan Swanepoel

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