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New Life in WA


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Greetings from Richards Bay,

My wife and I and our 4 kids (8 to 22yrs) obtained our PR visas end April, 11 months after applying. Tickets booked to land in Perth on 30 June (must live in WA for first 2 years). Haven't been able to sell our house here over the last 6 weeks as the market has gone a little flat for now. We may need to rent it out for a few months until it is sold. So we will be starting (again) on a shoestring initially.

We have never been to Australia before, but have toyed with the idea for years, done all the research, have enough reasons, and are keen to try something new. Friends will fetch us from the airport there and put us up for a few days (weeks?) until we find a place to rent and a job (electrical engineer, but am not fussy).

Thanks for the stacks of useful information and tips in these forums. Magna Movers comes next week to load up our worldly possessions in a 6m container ("there goes my everything"). A week later we fly (thanks to IOM for the low tariff and 40kg baggage allowance).



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Hi there Patrick and family

Gee wiz you guys really moved... flying alreadyend of June. julle is omtrent voor oppi wa. Just joking, all the best for you guys and hoping to hear from you soon with lots of tips from oz to our newbies.

Tomdoel :ilikeit:

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