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To Complete or Not to Complete?


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Hello to fellow South Africans living in Australia!


We are going to be making the big move soon, I'd say around end of October/early November this year.


My BIGGEST concern is schooling for my son who is in Grade 10 at the moment,and I need your experience/advice if you have been through a similar situation. 


As you see, we leave in the middle of the 4th term here is SA, there is no option for us to stay longer we have already pushed the limits.  Should we let him finish Grade 10 via online institutions or should we rather wait until the new year and enrol at a school in Australia?? 


I am so worried! Don't know what to do as he will have an "incomplete" Grade 10 and I don't want him to be forced to redo the whole grade 😢 


I need your advice please 🙏


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