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tricky question - resurrecting my PR visa status




was wondering if there were any Australian immigration specialists that could answer this question.

My family all had PR status and were living in Australia.

Due to sever depression affecting one of the members in my family (hospitalized and then heavy meds), we decided to move back to familiar surroundings (South Africa) to convalesce.

During that time my daughter attended university for 4 years in South Africa

I then gave up my pr status as I needed to get the super out of Australia for expenses.

I also have been out of Australia for 5.75 years

I am now in touch with an Australian immigration lawyer who is indicating that there is a possibility that they can lodge an application with a circumstances lodge that might lead to our getting our PR back (along with RRV)

My son lives and work in Australia - close ties.


I am looking for a second opinion as to whether this is possible as the Lawyer's fees are steep.

Would appreciate any advice or experience in this,


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It would not be appropriate for me to comment on the merit of your specific without examining it further as I do not have full oversight.


However, I can confirm that there is a option for 'Former Permanent Residents' to apply for their PR status to be reinstated via the RRV.


I have assisted Former Permanent Residents reinstate their PR previously, you would be welcome to contact me to provide a quote (email details below).

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