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Moving Melbourne to Sydney

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We've been living in Melbourne for the past year (immigrated at the start of lockdown) and it has been great. But there's still something in me that feels we have not found the right spot for us yet.

I visited Sydney over the weekend for the first time and I was blown away by the beauty, attractions and general vibe of it! Coming from Cape Town originally, I really appreciate the hills and being able to orient yourself and not feel so lost, as I do most of the time in Melbourne because it's so flat.


So now I'm seriously considering moving my family to Sydney.


My research indicates that Sydney is suuuuuper expensive in comparison to Melbourne, especially rent. But then again, that probably depends on where you decide to live. I was hoping someone would be able to give me insights on this. If any of you have done it, and I suspect many have, what has been your experience? I checked Numbeo (Cost of Living Comparison Between Melbourne, Australia And Sydney, Australia (numbeo.com)), but it just made me feel like we'd be living a peasant's life 😄.


Where is a good place to move to? we'd be looking at living in a 4-bed,2-bath,1-parking house close to a train/ferry. and of course, good public schools and daycare/kinder around. We currently live in the Eastern Suburbs and paying a mere $580pw for our house with similar specs. What would I be paying and where would I look? Planning on doing a few trips up this year to check out different areas and schools, but would be good to get some direction.


Also, what does daycare cost in NSW? Same as in VIC? I'm paying $125 per day now. And are public schools also virtually free, apart from a nominal annual cost?


Thanks, and looking forward to your responses!

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Just my 2c on this, before you make the move come and have a look at Brisbane.  I've met so many people that have moved from Sydney & Melbourne to Brisbane and they absolutely love it here.  

Looking at the numbers its definitely a trend: https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/people/population/regional-internal-migration-estimates-provisional/latest-release 



The website cuts the last column off, but you can have a look at the numbers at the link I provided:


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Worth considering, thanks Chris! 

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So we lived for 4 years in Melbourne, then 2 years in Brisbane and now 3 years in Sydney, we have also spent 1 of those Sydney years on the central coast, and 1.5 years in Pennant hills (Closer to the city), and now back on the Central coast for the last 6 months.

(And we moving into our own place in 6 months, so finally giving up renting)


We couldn't handle the Melbourne grey winters and miserable weather

So Brisbane is amazing, reminds me of Durban, i would move there in a heartbeat, but their economy is a much smaller than Sydney and Melbourne so it is harder finding a job there and the salaries are lower, i ended up traveling so sydney all the time for work, so it just worked out that here was the place to move permanently

We first lived on the central coast, about and hour and a bit to get into the city by train, but when i ended up having to be in the city from early every day, we moved in closer

No it is a once a week in the city and the rest of the time is a work from home, so we have moved back to the central coast


The central coast is much cheaper to live, 600 per week will get you a 3 bed house, and food / eating out / going to the beach and so on is much cheaper, we are 10 minutes drive to the beach (A nice beach with lifeguards and a restaurant) in a 3 bed house and we are paying 650 per week


In pennant hills we paid 750 for the same house on 1/3 of the land


So in my books the central coast is the best of both worlds, close enough to the city to be commutable to Sydney or Newcastle, but with a Durban vibe, and affordable, hence the reason for us now buying a place here


We have just put our 6 year old into his second year, and our 3yo will be in the Q, we went with a small catholic school, and he is seriously happy to be going to school there, amazing teacher / child ratio, they teach good values, they dont hammer the catholic bit, just an extra class that is religion, they are amazing ($3k for the year for him)



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