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"Back" to OZ...


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(I'll save the details for another thread, maybe in the Immi section...)


I was born in Sydney (to SA parents working there a long time ago), and while we've been very happy in SA to date, my wife and I have finally decided it's time to start the immigration process - partner visa (309/100) for us.


There's been lots of valuable info on this forum (together with australiaforum) - so thanks for that. I hope to contribute my own experiences.

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Welcome! The forum is a bit quiet at the moment but there is loads of info in old threads. 

What are your plans, will you only come across when the partner visa comes through? Where in Aus are you headed?

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Thanks. I don't want to split the family (kids are 8 and 5)  any longer than necessary, so the current plan is to get the visa, then I will go across and look for work, place to stay, etc. before they join me, hopefully less than 3 months.


I suppose the alternative would be to go now, and once I have something, have the family come over (wife on visitor visa, kids on Aus passports) and then my wife applies for an onshore partner visa - but lots more uncertainty that way. 


The 12-18 month wait for a visa (that's what I'm expecting) also gives us time to organize our affairs, decide if we sell our house, etc. before moving. And the "unfortunate" reality is that both my wife and I have good jobs / incomes here - albeit that we both have reached BEE ceilings in terms of further promotion - and her employer has started retrenchment proceedings.


As to where is Aus - tough one. I'd prefer a smaller city, more laidback lifestyle, but being in IT / Financial Services - that's typically your main centres. Loved Sydney when we visited, but the cost of living... I reckon Melbourne is a good option, otherwise Brisbane and that whole coast seems popular. I'd even consider Auckland - it's an option for us - but the rest of NZ seems to cold / wet / windy...


Does anyone know if there's been an Aus<-->SA city comparison? E.g. Sydney is like Cape Town (climate) and Joburg (costs / pace)...etc

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Those comparisons definitely exist but I haven't seen enough of Oz yet to tell you my experience (living in Sydney, have visited Melbourne a couple of times for work, that's it!) I'd say Sydney is somewhere between Cape Town and Durban - summers are more humid and hotter than Cape Town and winters are definitely colder than Durban. 

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