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482 TSS Visa Rejected



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13 hours ago, WKruger said:

Does anyone know of a 482 TSS Visa application that was rejected and for what reason?


There can be a wide range of reasons that a 482 visa can be refused.  Before the 482 visa application process there are two prior parts to the process - if either of these are refused then the associated visa application must also be refused.  With regard to the visa application the reasons relate to not meeting one of the various legislated selection criteria.

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Hi Tiawanna


Thanks. The first 2 steps has already been approved so the agent will be submitting my docs for the Visa approval Step 3 today.




Tell me, is the given timeline below include for all three steps above?




This mentioned Visa being applied for is only valid for 2 years, I'm happy with that and understand that my sponsored position is not currently on the MLTSSL list. Once in Australia and working on the STSOL 482(ANZSCO Code 225499) how do I go about applying for another Visa that could lead to a longer stay and then residency?

I know my current position is on the STSOL but what does the 190, 407, 489(S/T) and TSS(S) mean which is obviously assessed by VETASSESS?
What will be my options in your mind with you obviously being the expert in this field?
Thanks, would appreciate your professional opinion on this?
Regards, Wayne
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