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Not claiming work experience- Any docs required?



Hi Everyone,


We are completing our SC190 application form and have not claimed any points for work experience in the EOI linked to this invitation. Upon answering employment related questions in the application form, I have stated that work in the nominated occupation has been completed in the past 10 years (3 years to be exact). When detailing work experience I have indicated that I am NOT claiming points for any of these jobs. In the document section of the application I am required to attach documents of work experience. Here I have attached my CV. Will it be necessary to provide other documents (eg: tax returns, reference letters, pay slips etc) even if I have not claimed any points for work experience?

Any help is appreciated.



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Hi there, I applied for the 189 visa and didn’t claim work experience as I already made enough points with age, English and degree. I had about 4-5 years of relevant experience but wrote something saying that I didn’t claim the points for work experience because I already met the points requirements (or something like that).  I did however, attach my CV and past three months payslips and maybe my latest IRP5. 

The more docs you provide them the better.

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