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To All Engineers - Does having PrEng/PrTechEng in SA assist with CPEng/CEngT registration in Oz?



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Hi @Basil1, my husband has been investigating the CPEng here in Aus via Engineers Australia (EA). He suggests you look up the requirements for obtaining the Aus certification. As far as he can tell, there is no agreement between EA and ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa) so it is not directly transferable, but there are elements that if you've kept proof of (such as professional development hours over the last three years) would be useful. EA is currently making the process a bit simpler so the website has a fair bit of info.

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@Basil1 Its not clear if you want your skills assessed as a professional engineer for migration visa purposes or to register as chartered engineer (PrEng) as a prerequisite for a job application?

If you still in RSA then first get your engineering skills accessed for visa purposes. For that, you don't need to be a member of Eng Aus.

For CPEng assessment its a different application based on competency and experience evaluation. Again you don't need to be a member of Eng Aus for that.


But it depends on when you received your qualification




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Thanks @CazK and @ottg for your responses. 


Reading my question again, it is slightly ambiguous and therefore @ottg I understand the confusion. 


I am still in SA and am not yet professionally registered. Our plan is to be in Oz before I am eligible for PR in SA and therefore my question revolved around whether it was worth staying in SA for the extra year or so until I obtain my PR or if obtaining my PR in SA wouldn't actually assist in getting CEngT registration in Oz. 


@CazK thanks for stating that they are not transferable. This is ultimately the answer I was looking for but admittedly my question wasn't structured to convey that!


Nevertheless, thanks again @CazK and @ottg, much appreciated. Basil

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