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Buying a house in Brisbane? How does it work?


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Hi all


We will hopefully land in Aus in April 2018. 457 Visa in tge bag but just sorting out a few things. I have been speaking with bond loan companies in Aus and they said we can get approval for house loan in Aus as soon as my probation period of 3 months expire. We were fortunate to sell our house in SA only a few days after putting it up for sale so we will have a decent deposit when buying.


My three big quistions to others that have bought in Aus are:

1) Did you use a bank for your house loan or a bond company like the one I have been talking too?

2) When looking at houses advertised online many of them does not seem to have a real value in mind and are advertised as high 400s or mid 400s or just says make a offer. What is up with this? This makes me wonder what would happen if the price is advertised as 420k and then i offer 420k......would I actually get the house ore are they fishing for offers?

3) Do agents, banks and bond companies operate in a similar manner as in SA or is it a diffrent ball game?

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As a temporary resident on a 457, you will need to apply for FIRB approval before being allowed to buy a house. The process is then the same as for permanent residents after that step. I’ve included a link to an article about this but please do your own research around what sort of properties/situations are allowed and Whether you’ll need more deposit (lending wise)



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