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Tourist Visa Funding Requirements



Good evening. Hoping someone may have dealt with this recently and knows what will satisfy the funding requirements for a tourist visa. We live in Australia and our daughter (who lives in South Africa) is planning to visit us with her boyfriend at the end of the year. She has a European passport and has an e-visitor visa. Her boyfriend has a South African passport. We supplied a letter of invitation as part of his application and stated that we would be hosting him and covering the cost of his visit.  His visa application has been rejected based on him being a student and appearing to have insufficient funds. Is there anything specific that we can provide further to satisfy this requirement?  He will be staying in our home. Any advice would be much appreciated or if anyone has supplied a similar type letter of invitation which met the requirements?

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I recently did this for my nephew. He finishes Matric this year. Applied for a tourist visa. The only thing that I submitted was my invitation letter and all my bank statements. He was granted a 4-month stay. In my invitation letter, I stated that he will be living with us and I would be covering all his costs. Also mentioned that I would be purchasing his plane tickets. That was all really.

Hope that helps!!

Good luck and hope he gets that visa.

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