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Min visa points + Spous points



I  hope someone can assist me with a few questions.


1. I have 60 points plus I can apply for VIC nomination which is 5 more points. This is with my IELTS at 10 points. 


I am writing my IELTS once a month to try and get 8 in everything so that i can get 20 points. But no luck yet.


Should I do an EOI so long and If i manage to get an 8 can I just update my EOI?

2. I am applying under ICT Business Analyst. This is on the Med/Long term skill list and VIC nomination list. My wife is a software tester and that is on the Short term skill list and VIC nomination list.


We haven't done her ACS assessment because we aren't sure if I can claim the 5 points from her. Can I?


My issue is that I will be turning 33 in May 2018 so time is against me and really want to start processing. Any info will be appreciated.

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I do not know your details to speak in respect of your circumstances so this is a generalisation.


If eligible to submit an EOI I would suggest there is generally no harm being in the pool.  Whilst you are unlikely to receive an invite I have occasionally seen people benefit from changes.  'You have to be in it to win it' and different strategies and tactics can be useful, where available, depending upon your aims/circumstances.


As a ICT Business Analyst unless your wife can obtain a positive skills assessment in an MLTSSL occupation you would not be eligible for partner points.

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I have done my PTE but it doesn't detect my speaking as it should. I wrote it twice, so far each time its below 60. I did my IELTS a month ago and got 7.5 on my first go (I didn't talk for the entire 2 minutes. Think it was around a minute and lost points on that)

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