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Drivers License exchange with medical conditions


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Hi, has anyone had an experience with needing to exchange your drivers license but having to declare heart issues. Are you able to get a RSA cardiologist to complete the medical report ?



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My husband has phoned VicRoads to ask about the medical report. Although it would seem he doesn't need one in the end. The process is that you would need to see a GP in Aus who would then refer you to a specialist if necessary. It would be a good idea to get a detailed report from your SA cardiologist so that you have it documented. They told us it would take about 3 weeks to receive our medicare card in the post (we received it in 2 weeks) and private medical aid doesn't cover specialists (if they are covered by Medicare). So to see a GP and specialist is an expensive endeavour in the beginning, although you can claim some back from Medicare retrospectively.


Not sure about other states. 

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If this is still relevant, you can try contacting @EmNew, they had to declare something related to driving, and found a nice South African Dr to do the report for them. But rather ask her about it, I don't know the details.

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HI, Just an update. 
My husband went to the cardiologist in RSA, got him to complete forms and also to write a letter explaining course of treatment etc over the last few years. He presented it all to Vic Roads, and no hassles. Granted license and all sorted. 

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