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Relocating to Queensland - please help


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Hi All,

We will be relocating from Adelaide to Queensland in 3 months’ time.

My company is based in the Brisbane CBD (Queen Street) and I will initially be required to work in the office office 2-3 days per week, but will eventually it might be 1-2 days per work. Therefore I need to keep transport into the city in mind (even though it will be minimal). I will also need to use public transport and would like to keep my commute under an hour.

I will be moving with my wife and young kids (7,5 and 2), so a suburb with decent schools is also quite important to us.

We have friends on the GoldCoast, but considering I would be commuting a few times a week, the closest suburb in the GoldCoast area would be Helensvale.

Are there any other suburbs that you could suggest that I could look into?

Thanks in advance.


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Brisbane does have quite a north south divide, so you need to decide which side of the river you want to be on. The city is north of the river, but this should not influence your choice to much.
The train network south of the river is virtually non existent, but north is pretty good. We lived South for a couple of years (Holland Park, Upper Mount Gravatt) and hardly went North (despite preferring the Sunshine coast over the Gold Coast). After moving to the north side (Nudgee, Banyo, Bald Hills), we hardly head to the south side.


Everyone's experience will obviously be slightly different.

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At the moment we're in Petrie (boarding with a friend) but are looking into renting in Mango Hills.  Have a look at the train lines and around stations.  There is an express line from Petrie into the city (only stops at 5 stations instead of the +-17) that takes 30 minutes.

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@Robbie_P you'll want to use the Translink Journey Planner online. It works quite well. 


btw, I don't agree that trains south of the city are practically non existant. I caught one yesterday. There are plenty. 


There are also plenty of good primary schools around. I personally would stay within the top 10 though. I think you can still pick them up on MySchool website. 


Good luck Robbie!

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Helensvale itself will be too far based on your requirements. It'll take greater than an hour to use public transport to get to Central Station for example. From there you'd have to walk to Queen's Street. 


We're unfortunately staying in a greater area that is not suitable for your needs but perhaps one thing to help gauge the suitability of areas that are suggested or which might look appealing to you is to look at a map of Brisbane's rail here and start with Central Station as your reference point. Then use Google maps to get an idea of rail travel times from Central Station to outlying stations in particular areas: ones that you've researched the suitablity and affordablity of.


Do however pay attention to the type of areas that each station is in. For example Salisbury is more industrial and might not be your cup of tea.


Also, it depends on whether you would be content with apartment style living? Are you looking for areas where there is some ex-South African presence or does that not matter? 

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Thanks for your replies.. 


We are leaning towards the Bayside suburbs such as Wynnam and Cleveland.


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Hey @Robbie_P


Curious to know where you ended up and how the commute and schools in the area are?


Hope to hear back soon.


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Hi @Robbie_P, we plan on moving across to Brisbane later in the year, looking at Southern suburbs, and would be great to hear where you eventually decided to live and how you and the family have settled.




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