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IT contacts/Networking groups in Melbourne


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Hi guys


My husband would like to make contact with some people in the BI development space. He currently specializes in the MSBI stack.

Anyone who is willing to help with networking groups, specialized recruiters etc that could also maybe assist with available positions to apply for.

Our last entry date into OZ is end of November this year, but we can't afford to come over without husband having a job. Applying for jobs online has not been very successful so far :-(


Any help, suggestions or advise will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Does it need to be Melbourne?  If he has OpenStack/Cloud skills I may be able to put him in contact with someone in Sydney / ACT.

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I work with a small business that implements BI, the full complete Microsoft stack from SQL to ETL to Power BI/SSRS/SSAS & Data Mining and a bunch of other MS stuff (CRM / NAV / AI / Etc),


First off we don't have a requirement for a full-time employee in this space, however, I do sometimes have work that I get done remotely, we have around 8 contractors currently doing various work for us around the world, so a few things, there may be a bit of contracting work depending on what rate and what skill level your husband is compared to the skills I currently have available and if you move to near the Sydney the amount will go up due to the availability of him getting to our clients.


The reason why you haven't had any luck with job offers remotely is that Australian companies get requests from all over the world, all the time, I get lots, the problem is always the same, I don't need someone in 3-6 months when I am looking, I need someone now, lots of people also have drama's with their move which turns into drama for the hiring company.


So if you are not in the country your CV goes in file 13 Unfortunately, there is an exception to this, if you have a high demand job / scarce skillset or know someone to get a word in, but for most people, this is not the case.


Happy to chat, give me a shout or post any questions here


Give this a read:


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Thank you for getting back to me.


I hear what you are saying, with regards to recruiters etc. They scan the database for key words and one can fall out like that without someone actually looking at your CV. That is why I tried this forum. If one can talk to someone directly one can make it clear that we can be available within 1 calendar month and already have PR, so no issues with visas. Surely the same risk as someone moving from one state to the next?


Anyway, I hope we get lucky.

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Yep, not as bad as it doesn't involve visa's, but I would also not look at hiring someone who planned to move states once they have job, you can see how full of problems that comment looks

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