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Hi Everyone,


Hope you are all well. I am new to this forum so I thought I would start with an introduction about myself and my family.

I studied Fashion Designing and currently working in a retail store as assistant store manager, my husband is a musician and qualified educator and at the moment he is currently working on a cruise ship as keyboard player and bandleader, we have two kids,14 and 2.


We only recently decided to apply but will have to wait for him to return home as I doubt that I can see the agent by myself. Any referrals for an agent?

Also, our 14 year old is on a different surname as he is from a previous relationship of my husband but is now living with us :) I wanted to know if changing his surname to ours would help with the application process?

Any extra information is welcome as we need as much as we can get.


This site was referred to us my a friend of ours who is leaving for Oz in November.


Much thanks




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@CheriLindsay welcome to our corner of the world, I trust that you will have many of your questions answered here. Your first requirement is to see if either your or your husband's qualifications and experience will offer you a visa. In order to obtain a visa your qualifications have to be listed on one of the Australian lists of people required in that profession.


With regard to agents, it does not really matter which agent you go with, but please be very careful, there are many fly by nights out there. Please ensure that the agent you decide on is 'MARA" registered (not me), it stands for "Migration Agents Register Australia". We have two agents on the forum that kindly offer advice to forum members, they are both registered with MARA and they both come highly recommended.

@SD_MOA Stephen Dickson of Migration Outcomes Australia


@TeeTMI Tee Taylor of Taylor Made Immigration


I am sure one or both of them will respond to this post. Follow their advice and you cannot go wrong. Good luck.


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