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457 Job Advice





I realise that now is probably not the ideal time to be looking at 457 jobs. However, our migration agent said that as long as my position is on the skilled occupation list, the 457 pathway will continue as the TSS visa, and that we can pursue this route.


I am a computer programmer (C# .NET) and am looking for employee sponsored positions.
Can anyone offer me advice on where to find sponsorship positions, and what is the best way to go about it? I have been busy on SEEK, but there's not that many 457 positions available and they don't have a specific search filter for that of which I am aware of.

Those that found sponsorship positions : how did you go about it?

I was thinking of getting a number of interviews lined up and then coming over for 2 weeks to interview in person.

If anyone has any advice, or if you know of companies that sponsor for my area of expertise, or South Africans with such companies, please let me know.

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@HappyIsland there is not a register, that I know of, to list 457 positions. I think mostly it is people targeting companies that they think may be able to use their expertise. There are also some with exceptional abilities, that have found jobs on seek.


As for lining up a couple of interviews and coming over for two weeks... Aussies are known for taking their time to make a decision. Even getting a number of interviews, in the space of two weeks, I think would be fairly difficult. Depending on how "in demand" your skill set is, will determine how long they take to make up their mind. Remember, you will be competing with the world, not just against other Australians.

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