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Passing a medical with hearing loss



Good day everyone.


So me my wife and my two sons 2 and 4 have made the big decision to make the big move and the financial commitment.

We are very excited but never would have fought that maybe our sons mild to moderate/severe hearing loss could pose a big risk for our application.

He is 2 years old, in a normal crèche with his brother very active. Yes he is slightly behind and most development is required on his speech. He is going to a speech therapist twice a week and he is coming along as expected, slow but progress.  He wears hearing pieces and goes for his check every six months. He bought him two pieces of hearing aids to ensure he always have a working set with him.


I ask you whom might know for guidance please.

1. Whom of you have any story to tell on your visa application with a child/partner with hearing loss.


The good news is that my wife whom is a early childhood educator qualifies with more than enough points for the 189VISA. 


All your assistance/advise will be appreciated.


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My husband wears hearing aids and passed the medical with no issue.  He was tested with the hearing aids in place.  It might be different for a child, because they calculate how much your medical condition will cost over a life time.  If is is above a certain amount, you dont pass.  Being younger obviously increases the duration of your lifetime and therefore the cost. 

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