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Canada to 'Straya


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Hi everyone!


Newly joined here. I figured I'd sign up since my wife and I are expat South Africans who emigrated to Canada almost nine years ago. Canada has been good to us, but after many years of trying REALLY hard to adapt to Canadian culture and the weather, we've finally realized that it's probably not the country where we'd like to spend the rest of our lives. Which has now made us consider Australia because it aligns so much more with our ingrained culture as South Africans, i.e. the weather, sports, people, etc.


Both of us are in our late thirties/early forties and we have two young children (6 and 4), so we are still young enough to make this happen. But I know it will be much harder this time considering that we do love Canada in certain ways, and we'll always be thankful to her for giving us the tremendous opportunity of starting and raising a young family in a safe country. It will be hard leaving this country, but we are actually super excited at the prospects of living and working in a country where the people are more like us, not too mention that there are a ton of other SA's there!


I honestly never thought we'd go through the immigration process again, but here we are.


Anyway, good to meet you all!



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Welcome to the forum.  Rugby, braaivleis and sunny skies awaits! 


(Although we call it BBQ otherwise they have no clue what we're talking about...:ilikeit: They DO know what biltong and boerewors is!  I've got everyone I know hooked on both!)

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