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Teaching Sponsorship


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This topic might have been answered before but I cannot find it on the forum.


I am a qualified Secondary School (High School) teacher from South Africa and I am looking at immigrating to Australia. Are there any teacher sponsorship programs, that pays for the required visa?


Kind regards


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There is no specific teacher sponsorship program that I've heard of. There are quite a number of teachers on here so I'll tag some of them to see what their views/advice is: @zamunda @Karools @Deezo

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You are going to be very hard pressed to find a school that will sponsor you and cover the visa costs. It would need to be a private school as there are no state education departments that would sponsor teachers but even then it's still highly unlikely as there are just so any teachers here already and I don't mean migrants, I'm talking about Aussies.


I have heard of schools holding positions open for teachers that are in the process of getting PR visas because they have not been able to find a specialist teacher to fill the position and they have all been outback or very rural schools that no one wants to go to because they are so isolated but I've never heard of a school covering the visa or relocation costs.

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In NSW the teaching system is a joke! Don't expect to find a job easily... The government schools don't hire permanently and there are over 50,000 casual teacher on the payroll as a casual teacher. Not bad because you get paid well but when trying to plan etc you struggle because you don't know when and if you are working and you cannot budget without being permanently employed. 


Private, Catholic and Christian Schools are the best to get into but they are far and few between :( They also pay well but the line to get in is also long so its really tough!


Expect to work as a casual for a while before you can apply for any permanent roles (unless you are lucky or know someone ;) ) but my wife has been struggling for 4 months now. She has a good casual thing going but ends in 2 weeks and then its back to the drawing board....


Oh and you may also need to consider travelling 50mins or more 1 way to find other work in the outer suburbs.


PS. We are in Sydney and everything is so far apart :( 

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