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Howzit and intro!


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Hi All


So, we're still in SA and starting the process to get to Aus.

My wife, Sarah, is a Sonographer so we will be going on her credentials, I know, her husband either married well or is a leach ;).

I am 42, wife is mumble, mumble, something, mumble.

I am an Estimator at a steel construction company.

Reason for decision, crime out of control, security for our kids (financial and safety)

Stumbled on this great forum while trolling the interwebs for every scrap of info we can cram into our heads.


This is where we're at:

  • Contacted an Australian Recruitment agent specialising in Healthcare placements,
  • Sarah had early morning interview with said agents.
  • Discussed pros and cons with friends and kids (Tatum 11 and Perryn 7)
  • Made decision that we must move.
  • Get more info
  • Get confused
  • Contact friends and family in Aus
  • Get more info
  • Inform bank of intention to sell house
  • Get more info
  • get more confused
  • introduce myself to the good folk at SAAustralia...

Anyhow, prepare to repeat whatever you have advised previous people, and thank-you in advance.


Kindest regards Bryan

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@Ta2Bryan welcome to our corner of the universe! I have been here 20 years and still think it is the best thing we ever did. You can go ahead and ask your questions, we are used to getting repeats :D

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Hi @Ta2Bryan, welcome to the forum! If you think you're going to repeat questions, just pop them in the little search window top right of the screen under your username. (there are long threads for standard questions, and even threads for some surprising other things too...ehrm...like importing a Venter trailer...ehrm...I wonder who did that? La la la...)

After a recent stint trying to find information on the border.gov.au site [official source of all visa info] I must admit that I have way more empathy for the current batch of immigrants trying to find info. The site is a mess and the info is really hard to find. :angry: 
So if you are still confused, perhaps book an initial consultation with a migration agent. These are sometimes free, sometimes at a small fee. But they can help you a lot in terms of picking the best route for your migration. 

If there is nothing funny about your case (I don't know your case, so I'm just describing the most general one) then you want to find out if your wife's skill is listed on the SOL [ recently changed to the MLTSSL], the skilled occupations list. Then if she is there, read up about the 189 skilled independent visa. This is the best visa you could go for: permanent from day one, no restrictions on work or city, medicare and school fee discount from day one. The catch is that you must be on the list.

If you don't find yourselves on the list, I would really recommend going to that first consultation. You don't have to use agents for the whole process if you don't want to, but it helps a lot to have a clear idea from the start about how you need to do this.

Oh, and random tip: get your marriage certificate, and your children's unabridged birth certificates from Dep Home Affairs asap. Regardless of what you do you will need them, and they have the potential to cause major delays. (DHA lost my husband's birth records and in the end it took us several months to get the thing sorted, including registering him from scratch!)

Good luck on the journey! Shout if you get stuck ;) 

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