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Police Clearance Certificates



My wife and I would like to apply for our police clearance certificates. There's a number of threads on here, but no conclusive advise on what's the best way to get certs fairly quickly.


1) What is the quickest way to get it done (we need the certs in less than a month).

I've read a number of posts on here about people using contacts, some using couriers themselves and sitting on the phone daily, and others using agencies with mixed results. If you can recommend an agency, please put down name, approx. cost and how long it took you to receive the clearance certificates.


2) What is the process for getting a police clearance certificate for my wife?
Does she need to get 2 certificates - 1 in her maiden name and one on her married name - or just one that covers both? How does one / what do you specify on the application?

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I actually chatted to Nevetec yesterday about this.

I have a PCC but need to get a new one. They say the turnaround time is 4 weeks at the moment.

Nevetec charge R400 and they will do the fingerprinting for you and submit all the necessary paperwork and get it back for you. 

Although.....I am in Cape Town.

The application must just state you need maiden name as well and it SHOULD get printed with the details on the certificate. Mine was correct but I know others have had an issue.

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@HappyIsland We used NeVeTeC twice (we are also based in CT) and it was a pleasant experience both times (we got our first PCCs too soon the first time and I didn't have my maiden name on the certificate). They give you an estimate of how long it will take to get the PCCs when you submit and they've been accurate on both occasions. I think it took us 3 or 4 weeks the second time. With regards to maiden surnames you have 1 PCC with both names on it: The police officer filled in my married name, but specified my maiden name on the form. NeVeTeC then asked for a copy of my marriage certificate to show my maiden and married surnames and it was sent off with the fingerprints etc to Pretoria. Came back with the correct info. 

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