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Desperate for a Job


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Hi guys


I would just like to find out on how to get a sponsored job within Australia with the qualification/skills that I'll list below. Reason why I am asking is because my girlfriend and her parents stay in Australia and I am currently still in South Africa which sucks :( yeah I know. My qualifications/skills isn't that of a WOW but to me its fair..well for atleast now as I want to pursue a Bachelors in IT. So if anyone can please help I;ve been looking at australian job websites but and also applied but it feels like my resume or the way how i put my skills within my cover letter doesnt quite excite them or i don't know haha. But it would be really appreciated if i can get some guidance and also i wouldnt mind on studying abroad too as long as i can be with her everything will be alright. well not everything cause obviously we should work on our future. Nonetheless my qualifications/skills are as follows as an agent in customer service representative within medical aid industry:


Customer service responsibilities/duties:


Ø  Answering calls from members and service providers to confirm benefits and assist with queries

Ø  First call resolution for resolving member and service provider queries

Ø  Ensuring the Scheme and in particular (omitted) is not unnecessarily exposed to financial risk as a result of incorrect information being provided to members and service providers

Ø  Ensuring quality service, production, first call resolution and appropriate follow up to ensure resolution of queries which delivers effective individual contribution towards service level agreement compliance

Ø  Client retention and goodwill by effectively resolving queries from members, employer groups, service providers and the Scheme

Ø  Understanding and effectively using the call centre telephony system and workflow management system


Claims Processing Responsibilities:

  • Conducting Telephonic claims investigations
  • Assisting with the Ex gratia process
  • Assessing both EDI and paper claims
  • Liaising with external business partners
  • Creating and updating manuals and process flows
  • Facilitating amendments to re-pricing of (omitted) hospital claims
  • Assisting with claims flows between (omitted) and its Business partners
  • Creating special batches, ensure all correspondence is archived and dealt with timeously.



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Mate I'm sorry to say but even guys that have completed their bachelors in computer science have a hard time finding a sponsored job. 


You have to offer a skill they can't easily fill from the Australian pool of available skills before they would even consider it. People that get sponsored are usually specialists in their fields. 

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Bud not to be negative but I have to agree with ChrisH, getting sponsored is tough and with what you have highlighted above highly unlikely.


On top of that in order to get sponsored you still need to have a skill on the CSOL. To be blunt from what you have posted above you won't meet that criteria (I am not an expert so happy to be corrected).


If moving to Aus is your goal I would suggested taking a longer term view and perhaps studying something that may allow you to apply for a visa.... this however would not be a quick process. Take a look at the SOL and decide which career may suite you best. Regardless of the skill you will require some kind of qualification that will likely take 3 odd years to get.


With regards to studying here it is entirely possible.... just really expensive. If you choose to pursue that option I would say you should study something that would allow you to apply for a visa once you have completed your qualification.

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I agree with ChrisH and Duggen...  most people who get sponsored either know someone here who can vouch for them or they have a special skill. A colleague of mine spent several weeks making a website of his CV. He is a software developer, so an amazing website got him noticed. But he had worked temporarly in Australia before.


Other people work for large companies who relocate them out here on a temporary visa. I worked with a guy who got into Australia by working in the French office of our company.


Unfortunately, the system is designed so that a foreigner won't take a job that a local Aussie could do. At the end of the day, there has to be some advantage to Australia... you are not a refugee ;)


But, before you study its well worth talking to a migration agent.. They can explain what you could study to get into Australia and the gotchas. For example, a b.com in information systems does not automatically get you in. You need to have a certain number of modules specialising in IS (i.e. IT subjects) and you need 4 years work experience. But a 1 year qualification in a highly specialised IT field might get you in.

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Hi @RaynardXO,


I will be blunt like the others, with what you have posted above, you have zero chance. You are competing against the customer/support capital of the known universe...India. All your wording tells me (I am an IT guy) that you are a passive passenger. You use words like "assist, facilitate" etc. It creates an impression you are buried somewhere in the herd. All you need to do is change HOW you are positioning yourself.


Here are some tips to grow your profile and improve your odds.


Get the latest Skills List


Find the two that closest match your current skills and skills yuo can acquire.

Map the gaps you need to fill in

Do the yards (courses, actual work time etc)

Get the references for each one


Basically build yourself so that you stand out.




Here is an extract of my profile using the STARS method:


Client Pain Points
- Assess current Systems Integrator progress and report to Program Director/Executive.
- Ensure project goes live in committed timeline - $10 Billion business at risk if project failed.
- Assess state of project and recommend remediation where required.
- Provide solutions to Top Pain Points

- Joined project team and assessed overall project stream by stream. Reported back all streams – changed to red status.
- Assessed project plan and optimised timeline.
- Provided trusted QA Advisory to Program Director.
- Authorised to appoint my A Team to take the lead on the systems build.
- Sat on working group as Trusted Advisor to solve Top Ten Business Pain Points.

- Met project Go-Live deadline, thereby avoiding additional hosting costs of $10 million/month.
- Appointed overall Build Team Lead to lead project.
- Harmonised my A Team, SAP, South32, BHP Billiton and service provider teams across China, India, South Africa, USA, Australia, South America and Europe to run 24x7 follow the sun build approach.
- Migrated 25 core ERP systems from BHP Data Centre in Dallas Texas to South32 Data Centre in South Africa in 4 ½ months. Data migration footprint of over 150TB.
- 494 interfaces redesigned and migrated to SAP PI with no data loss.
- Reduced original system landscape build time from 48 days to under 18 hours for Go-Live.
- Primary point of contact for project issues.
- Co-Authored Roadmap and Strategy for five year transformation.
- Reduced project plan effort by 186 days, savings millions.
- Top Pain Points –
- Optimised new shipping solution - potential business saving > $8 million per annum.
- Changed e-Forms – potential business saving - $1 million per annum
- Payroll Simplification – potential saving of $4 million per annum
- HR Improvement – potential saving of >$2 million per annum




Best wishes



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@SurferMan  For all we know  @RaynardXO knows how tough it is to get an Aussie temporary work VISA, but thought... "well it cant hurt to post my details here".


But you do have some good advise for people who run into this post when looking to get a 475 Visa. Especially pointing out that RaynardXO is competing against the army of highly skilled Indians who live in big under-developed cities and who want out. If you want to compete against them, you need to highlite things that would make an Aussie company pick you over one of the many, many highly educated Indians. For example, RaynardXO may speak English as a 1st language.


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Good points @monsta,


But in my experience in IT which I think to be fairly substantial, the information is good for both 457 and PR folks. The trick is to stand out and stop using passive wording and use Human Voice CV's ala Liz Ryan on lizryan.com This is amazing advice and I am chatting to him right now via LinkedIn and coaching him to change his profile. B)

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You guys also have a point... I would assume most people who find a 475 employee online are looking for an 'A' player on the the cheap. But in my experience, most companies have been burnt doing that. So, you still need to cover the basics like:


*) Do you speak good english? 

*) Is the work culture in your country simmilar to Australia?  (for South Africans thats a YES)

*) Have you been to Australia before? Do you know what to expect when you live here?

*) Are you moving here purely for the $$$?  e.g. having a good job in South Africa really helps. 


e.g. you could put an "objective" in your CV that goes like...  "I grew up in an English speaking household in Cape Town, South Africa. I have travelled to Australia twice to visit friends from Cromoyne who I met when they were backpacking in South Africa. Despite having a great job at a top ecommece firm; I would like to move as my cousin was shot in a highjacking on his way home from visiting me. I would like to find a simmilar role at a top ecommerce company in Australia. "


Then mention the 'A' player stuff @SurferMan  pointed out... 

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Raynard, your easiest option is to marry your girlfriend in Aus. Her dad might try to kill you, but that is your fastest option. If you cant pull that one off (she is not a Aus citizen or other immigration issue), do as the others explained above. Good luck. 

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PMSL @monsta


Lemme tell you what I look for in a CV when I hire folks. Remember I typically go for A Team folks who have battle scars but I seriously believe the tips could help. If not, pick up the tomatoes and start throwing... :)


1: Does your CV tell me you got the cahonas for the game? (Ladies included!) I am looking for a series of stories that you show me you are a superhero.

2: Do you have humility? I like a good dash of confidence but showing me you bleed red lets me know you have EQ. More on that later.

3: Recent success. in the last 12-18 months, what does your CV tell me about your winning side?

4: Investment. When/how/what have you done to remain relevant skills wise?


EQ EQ EQ EQ - - - - - During an interview I am ALL about personality and fit. I don't give a fig about your CV at that point, you have passed that point in my assessment. Interview is a chance for you the candidate to "check" me out and visa versa. I also want to see if you can laugh, take the piss, take a joke, have fun! If not, move on. Our jobs in IT are hectic, a person who can't laugh is doomed.



That my friends is plain ans simple surferman hiring tips. Be Yourself. :rolleyes:













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