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Some IT contacts in Queensland needed please


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Hi Everyone,


Our 189 VISA has been approved and we are currently looking for possible jobs.


I am looking for something in the Queensland state, does not really matter where.


I am currently an  Systems Engineer and have good experience as an IT Administrator.


If someone can help, it would greatly be appreciated.


See my linkedin profile if you need to see more information about me and my skills.



Thank you all in advance.


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Hi @SurferMan, please send that list my way as well, please!  I'll be in Brisbane from June and would appreciate any help I can get!

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Done matey, and I will be happy to intro you to the right folks once I know your skill set. I am in SAP/Solution Architecture/Advisory so am not across every single discipline but shoul dbe able to hook you up.

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Just a question... We decided to permanent relocate to Brisbane and our deadline is July 2018. We have a few things to get into place as you can imagine.

What does the market look like for test analysts? I have extensive financial software testing experience as well as extensive finance experience.

I am currently working for a major bank in SA as a test analyst on their risk and quantitative system.

Any input would be appreciated!


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A good indication is to search for your job title in the different cities and see the results, that gives an idea of the availability in your line:

Here it is for Brisbane, it can also work to look at Sydney and Melbourne as they have much larger markets (Depending on your Visa)



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@JohannSmithSA, I'm based in Brisbane and unfortunately the banking sector is rather limited in comparison to Melbourne and Sydney so you may have to cast your scope wider and lean more towards software developers or other industry experience you have. (In Sydney and Melbourne I'm sure you'd be chased by recruiters).


The two main banks with head offices here in Brisbane though are Suncorp Group and Bank of Queensland with limited numbers of other large financial companies,other than State entities like those that control funding for statewide spend or bond issuance. There are however software developers like TechnologyOne, that is currently growing extremely fast, and then there are also consultancies.


RACQ might otherwise potentially want to launch their own bank in future but that'll take time. 


There is however a lot of affinity here for SQL and TM1 based technical skills, JDE too. If you're a business analyst with those skills then it seems you are wanted regardless of your industry experience - to the point I can't help but wonder if I shouldn't try make a career move towards becoming a fully fledged business analyst myself.

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