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Get Qualified Australia - Under Liquidation


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Hi everyone.


Just a general warning to anyone who needs/wants to complete an Australian Qualification not to use an organisation called Get Qualified Australia (GQA) as they are under liquidation.


About 2 months ago, I paid for a qualification, to be obtained via the RPL process. In the beginning, the communication was great! I would received e-mails just about every day. Then my facilitator was replaced with another one who was less communicative. In the meantime, I have been gathering documentary evidence, which has subsequently been submitted. Around 2 weeks ago, I received a response from them about my evidence (after I asked for feedback) and I was told to submit more evidence, which I queried as I was given very little guidance.


I received an e-mail this morning from the liquidators that explains that GQA is under liquidation as of yesterday.


I paid $2000 for the qualification and it is unclear as to whether I will get any of my money back. So now I have to go through the whole process again by finding someone who can help me because I cannot pass the skills assessment without the qualification. This just became a R300K exercise...


Be careful out there!

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Oh my goodness @Gdzilr

So sorry you had to pay school fees. Sure this will caution future forum members, so thank you. I imagine there is a MARA type registration body for qualification institutions. Something like our SAQA or CHE. Perhaps there may be some recourse for you there.

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@Husky yep, it stings, because our currency is absolutely worthless. But this will all be worthwhile in the end, otherwise it would be easy :-) 


Like I told my wife last night, I'd rather deal with this now if it means the rest of the process will be smoother (although I realise there are no guarantees). I have managed to find another provider in Adelaide who looks like they can assist - it's just expensive (First round was $2000 and the second round is $2600). Luckily all the evidence I have been collecting can be used and I have the originals.


Next week I'll be gathering practical evidence in the form of photos and videos, and then I can submit. Hopefully I can then get the qualification soon (they reckon about 2 weeks), in order for me to contract with the agent and get the skills assessment application in (which has already been completed :-))


By the way, the agent I spoke to suggested I get an Australian Qualification and it seems as if it carries a lot of weight when conducting the skills assessment.


In conclusion, to anyone reading this and considering doinf an AQF, it may make life easier for a positive skills assessment, but you still have to deal with potential fly-by-nights. Like my wife told me yesterday, she gets how I feel because I hold he Aussies in such high regard and this was not expected - so my advice is, don't be blind when going into this...



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You have been very unlucky. This is all over the news here. I suggest aggressively pursuing a refund with the liquidators. 


Don't let it break you down too much. The big wheel will turn on these con artists. 

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@Gdzilr, a suggestion for you! The new company you have found in Adelaide, BEFORE you pay them any money, perhaps you want to run their name here, just in case there is someone who knows something about them... Always a good idea, in my opinion!


So sorry you have been caught this way and I do hope that there will be some recourse for you.

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