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Gold Coast CA (SA) Looking for Emploment


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Hi Guys, 

Moved to the Gold Coast early December on a 189 VISA, and been applying for numerous roles in the Accounting Field, and as many explain on this site, 80% of available jobs are hidden, so looking for more info and netwoking options to get that 1st opportunity to work in Australia.

A brief into to my background:

I am a highly experienced and qualified Financial Manager with 20+ years in areas of general management, accounting, finance, administration, consulting and auditing in various small to medium sized national and multinational firms, with a major focus on the entertainment industry. Performing risk and business analysis, including administrative and financial restructuring of firms and reducing costs. Focused on improving company resources, implementing various accounting and technical systems, budget management, economic and financial viability studies, developing business plans and presenting to the Board of Directors.

Thus I am looking for a new opportunity within a proactive and productive financial team where I could bring my knowledge, experience and skills into a role where I could be a valuable addition to the organisation, working collaborative towards company goals and objectives.

Look forward to any suggestions and or help, much obliged, regards, 


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Hi @Mozambique firstly, welcome to our corner of the world. I trust that there will be a forum member to connect with in Brisbane, that can assist you.


From other posts on this forum, you need to ensure that your CV is Australian written, apparently quite different to a South African one and you have to ensure that your profile on Linkedin is excellent!


I know you may not like to hear this, but at your level, you may have to look further afield, than the Gold Coast/Brisbane area, as it is not exactly the hub of the business world in Australia.


Good luck, wish you the best and to be employed, soon!

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16 hours ago, Mozambique said:

implementing various accounting and technical systems


You need to be in Melbourne to make the most of this as, for example, Xero is headquartered there.  Your range of experience may be of interest to them and their culture may better suit the "hustle" I detect in your description of your experience. https://www.xero.com/au/about/careers/


Otherwise, for "normal" roles, I think your paragraph above about your experience (which looks like cv speak), makes you sound "too good" if that's possible - like you'll sweep in and tell everybody what to do (which Saffas can be accused of and Ozzies hate).  I think your cv would benefit from some Ozzie-fication to "tone down" the language but still get your strenghts across.


Another thought is to look at roles for Business Analyst because some of what you describe is more in that line.

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